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What is MPS (Missing Person Search Support Association of Japan)?
  People who have been living normal lives and/or have been keeping in touch with their families can suddenly go missing. MPS (Missing Person Search Support Association of Japan) is a Specified Nonprofit Organization (NPO) Corporation that provides support and assistance in the search activities for these missing people.  
What does "MPS" mean?
  Please pronounce us as: "em-pee-es".
Our acronym means (in English): "Missing Person Search Support Association of Japan"
What types of activities are conducted by MPS (Missing Person Search Support Association of Japan)?
  Families with missing loved ones can make use of the MPS (Missing Person Search Support Association of Japan) Web site as a place to exchange and share information with others. We also provide expert advice from counselors and specialists in different fields.  
Is there a specific definition for a "missing person?"
  We place missing persons into the following categories:

>>those who are missing "due to disasters"
>>those who are missing "due to the wills of other people"
>>those who are missing "due to the will of the self"

As we evolve, we intend to expand our definitions of missing persons to incorporate broader social dilemmas at the root of the problem.

Does the missing person have to be a family member in order for us to get your assistance?
  In order to prevent support activities that could be malicious in intent, we at MPS only respond to requests from people who are related to the missing person within consanguinity of the second degree.  
I want to support MPS (Missing Person Search Support Association of Japan). How can I start?
  We are a Nonprofit Organization and corporation that operates on a nonprofit basis. Our actions are made possible solely through the support of those individuals and organizations who have approved of our activities.
If you are willing to support us, please do not hesitate to contact us through our contact page. We and our clients are deeply grateful to you for your faith and support.
What is an MP List?
  It is very difficult for families to search for missing members on their own, and there is always a limit to what they can do.
To assist those families, we at MPS have opened an Internet Web site where we solicit for information on missing persons.
The requests for information uploaded on the page will be limited to those made by the families of the missing, but any MPS supporter in the nation can send in information.
What is an MPS Bulletin Board?
  This is a multi-purpose bulletin board for all visitors to the MPS Web site.
Anyone can use it -- whether you have experience of, or are immediately suffering from missing family members, or if you are a missing person yourself.
After you have read and understood the usage regulations, please make use of the bulletin board as a place to exchange information with others.
What is a Missing Persons' Diary?
  This is a diary and a forum penned by those who are now, at this moment, missing persons -- and/or runaways. It explains their behavior and what their daily lives are like.
MPS hopes that this will provide the families with some hints to help them search for their missing members, and give those who have run away from home a chance to start thinking about their families.
This diary helps us understand the modus operandi of missing people. It is not intended to romanticize the loss and sadness of separation.
What is a Family of Missing Persons Diary?
  An open forum where family members of the missing write about how they think and behave every day and express their concern for their missing family members.  
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